Saturday, December 31, 2011

So, the headache, I realized is from a very busy week at work and too much upper body work. It happens each time, I should know this by now.... I wanted to go see "War Horse" last night, but given the state of my neck and upper back, absolutely no way that was happening, so I took a hot shower and got to bed early. It was good. Such nice weather yesterday, I was able to leave the dogs outside for a long time.

If my neck is better, I may catch the movie this afternoon. Need some time out. But, I may not. I feel like I need a few days of rest. Holidays wear everyone out I guess.

Today just have to hit the feed store, etc., and do the normal stuff. I have to get rid of my big old tv.. .Best Buy will give you $10.00 for them, I am told.........

Supposed to get very cold next week (I saw the forecast for high of 23 degrees on Tues). I dread that. I will have to wear all my warm packs just to handle it. But, the four laps which I am now doing in one shot, tend to warm me up well, and I don't suffer from the cold so much. Feet? We will see about that. I think the exercise has improved my circulation too. It has certainly improved my demeanor and my attitude. That's very good.

I would like to get out other places to work Dan, but need to save my pennies for now. I have to get a delivery of oil... Joy. So, here we are, just about to 2012, and what have you planned for next year? I just plan to LIVE! Maybe a few goals here and there, but get in better shape, keep good care of my animals, and keep my family close!

Well, have a nice New Year's Eve everyone!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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