Thursday, December 22, 2011

Best laid plans

No dog work for Dan at E's place to day, have to work. Extreme bummer. One other thing is that I have this ear thing. At first it was just a feeling of a muffled ear, like water in the ear. It has gotten worse and now my ear hurts. Went to ENT office, they cleaned my ears, which did not fix it. I then went back, had a hearing test and they found reduced hearing in my right ear. Great. I still think it's just an issue of an inflammation some where. But the test showed no pressure in Eustachian tube. Great again.

This morning lots of pressure in the ear and I cannot hear out of my right ear (the tv). This is not good. Have an appointment with my allergist tomorrow. He's a sage older guy who knows his stuff, let's hope this gets dealt with. I am also a little dizzy.

Today, since I am around I will get my Christmas shopping done. That will be good. Will work Dan a bit and exercise (did not do that yesterday).

So, the countdown until Christmas pretty much starts today for me. Looking forward to some good meals with my family, and then, next week getting back to usual. Can't wait to just be able to sleep in!

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