Thursday, December 29, 2011

Up and at em early again today. Need to drop the cable box off and trade for a high def box- as I got a new lcd tv for Christmas, and apparently, it's much better if you have high def signal coming in... So far, the image is not great, so let's hope it improves. I love that the new tvs are so much smaller.... All that bulk with the old ones, just leaves lots of space for dust to collect.... I have oft times considered not having a tv to save the expense, but I get so much out of the nature shows I watch, as well as others, like " The Closer" that I just don't want to give it up....

I am happy with how our weather is so far this winter. Not bad at all. Am feeding a small amount of grain and a bale of hay, which is less hay than I planned for. Still, I wonder if my hay supply will get me through... I wonder. There is just a smidgen of hay left each day, which is exactly how I want it to be. I don't want to leave them wanting.

One thing that is remarkable, is how much more water these girls are drinking this year, I think that is due to no snow on the ground. I use a hose to fill it up, but the girls seem to knock the hose down every time... I think they are hanging out in the little room or something. I know the Border Leicester ewes go in the barn looking for food.

On the news front, several people were killed in a Christmas day fire, caused by a man leaving embers from the fireplace too near the house. Killed three girls, and the two grandparents. The mother of the girls and her contractor (who left the embers there) survived. I can't stress enough to be CAREFUL with embers/fire. I am so cognizant of that. I found an old night light, that has been in the house since before I bought it, and I am afraid to use it for fear it will short out and cause a fire.

On the fire front, I know people find wood burning stoves romantic and "hearty" but you know, I have no interest in that. I have kept them going, I have cleaned them out and I know the work, plus the smell, and constant up keep associated with it. What I would much prefer would be an outside wood burning furnace, like John, and my friend Barbara has. Heats the house hot water/air and no mess inside, PLUS they take a LOT more wood and are self regulating. My house is so small, nothing like that would be sensible. My house would over heat with just about any small stove....

Hoses. Hoses are another thing. Hauling water in buckets S.U.C.K.S. I did it for years when working with horses, and it ruined my shoulder. If I had to haul water every day for the masses, I would starve so I could get a plumber in to "hook me up". I would rather use a hose, drain it every day, then bucket water.

Well, that's it for now. Another day on the horizon. I better work Danny, he has been itching to work lately.

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