Sunday, December 18, 2011

Pancakes and Coffee

This pairing has come to signify my day off. I make regular pancakes, and then put a bit of butter on them, a little strawberry jam and then roll them up. Could not be better. Coffee is a must, and always makes this breakfast perfect. Today will be a down time day. I am desperate for one of these. Yesterday was another productive day at the farm. I pulled a still loaded with leaves/branches tarp that I folded up into the ramp part of the barn (that was exhausting) and also set up the heater, and blocked off the ramp of the barn with some particle board and plywood. I then did three laps around the field, which is great. I am starting to feel a difference in my energy level and I am sleeping better. My hips are still just as frumpy though....... Maybe they are a tiny bit smaller, I don't know....

I stopped at my parents and helped dad get the tree off the top of the car, then I headed home and made a steak dinner. Haven't had that very often because the market is only selling bad cuts of meat... Anyway, the steak turned out awesome, and all the dogs got some left over with their dinnners.

Dan turned three years old yesterday, I cannot believe how time flies.

Today will be cleaning day at the house as well as usual sheep stuff. I have not even started Christmas shopping yet............

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Kathy said...

Do you feed the leaves to your sheep??

Did you do body measurements before starting on all of these walks? That might be a way to tell if your hips are becoming unfrumpy.