Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Time has been flying. I still have to clean my house- did a little, but by God, it's been really hard to get to it. I almost want to hire someone at this point. Everything is good, paid the hay guy, so that's done. I have to get the heaters set up still, as brother turned the power off to the outlet I used last year. I plan to get that done today, bring more extension cords, and move the water closer to the barn. I could leave it by the spigot outside the fence, but I am afraid it will freeze (it did last year). So, I will have to figure that out.

Dan and I went to my friends on the weekend again. Getting lots of good training in. Dan is such a good boy. I would say we are a little over half way on the shedding part. I want him to come in behind me, but he is adverse to it... I need to get my Alasdair shedding dvd back so I can watch it...... Anyway, I am happy with his progress thus far- happy to come in, which is the most important.

This week had nothing special, but now each day has a little something extra in it. Time just seems to fill up. Still no Christmas shopping done. I guess I am just being a bad procrastinator in general lately!

Christmas is next weekend, so I best be getting it done....

Well, that's my update for now, I hope everyone is having a nice pre-holiday season!

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