Sunday, January 1, 2012

Happy New Year everyone!! I did end up going to a matinee yesterday with my sister- we watched "War Horse". It was pretty good, though NOTHING up to the quality of the documentary "Buck", which I know they are completely different genres, but still. War Horse needed more character development, but many scenes were very good.

It was nice in the theater, not many people there, and my sister's son took in Sherlock Homes II. Got home and ended up doing some cleaning. Got the kitchen cleaned up well. Had energy, so I made good use of it. Not sure what I watched last night; but I did get back to my book. A good night.

This morning I woke up with a headache again and my neck went BOING! Tightness. Stayed in bed watching Nat Geo for a while, then up to make breakfast and coffee. Double yoker egg! This surely must be a good omen for the year! Ate as many pancakes as I could, and the dogs got the rest. I never usually do that, but what the heck- boy kitty was left wondering what happened!?! He always get something ;) He's busying himself playing with some sort of something on the floor. I am going to take it easy today, until time to go to farm and enjoy another really warm day. Will work Dan a bit too. The dogs also need brushing BIG TIME.

We are so fortunate to have this warmer weather- I see people advertising hay for sale- which is great. If I had enough land, that I didn't screw up with the 24d last year, I would probably still be grazing myself still.... Lesson learned BIG TIME.

Well, not much else to report. I hope everyone has a relaxing day, doing whatever you like at whatever speed you like!

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