Friday, December 2, 2011

I got my check for the ewe I dropped off at the auction. She was LIGHT. Only 115 lbs. I knew she was too thin. Now, she was the smallest of the group to start with, but that's way too light. Healthy looking except for her weight. That money will come in handy as I need to get some more sheep supplies. I think one of the ewes may be looking for her. You know, it didn't really bother me, sending her on. I think because I knew she wasn't right and if I can't fix it, I don't her languishing. I take a lot of pride in good care.

Dan had a right good time yesterday. No, I did not work him, I pulled up the hose. OH..MY..GOD!!!!! he says. Every time she pulls it I can bite at it. And it KEEPS moving!!!!!!!!!! YEEEHAW!!!!!!!!! After I did that, I cleaned up in the hay drop area of the barn and he and Lucy ran around having a gay old time.

I still have the sheep room (where I will put jugs if lambs are produced) I say that because I don't know if this ram is actually creating lambs or just having a good time... He's certainly giving his all but everyone looks blue all the time, except that is for a couple of the Cheviot yearlings, who I WANT pregnant more than the others. The ewe lambs have not been touched. I have been told that most times Cheviot ewe lambs do not breed the first year, so I am not surprised.

I have to start weaning off the grain. Though, it is tempting to keep them on, because with the grain they are on, they are not even eating one whole bale of hay, and believe it or not, grain is cheaper than hay. But, no grain for now frees me up to be away a bit, and I would surely like to get away for a bit of training with Dan. Life's been a bit way too boring lately.

I may try and get a group of yearling/lamb Cheviots at John's and bring them up to the back field to break them. They need to be away from the barn, because at the sight of a dog they run pell mell for the barn, and there is no fence to stop them. Plus, the horses are there, and one is a stallion and one is a witchy mare who will stomp a dog. I hate mares :) Lucy would be doing the breaking because if they get crabby, and take a run at her, she just returns the volley, and I don't know what Dan would do- he may be fine, but don't want him getting creamed- and these sheep have demonstrated that ability. Maybe this weekend. Just gotta get them up there- maybe John's truck and the pen. Wish some of you guys lived closer, as I could use a bit of help. Some of the good experienced take no crap dogs.

I am so glad it's Friday. This week seemed to roll on forever. Well, that's it for now, I see we have a few comments on the give away, I will give it another day or two, but then will pick a winner. It appears that I have a lot of shy visitors.

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