Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Here is a short video of Dan helping me. I shall, one of these days get video of doing this without his help. That should be very interesting. He's a useful dog, and the hungrier the sheep get the more he's needed.

Today I did my four laps again, cleaned out the barn a bit and also pulled some grass like weed that my sheep will not eat in the other field. Very short roots so it was easy.

I also hit the store and got some Fancy Feast cat food cheap on sale and a scratcher for boy kitty, and had a $10.00 coupon if I spent $50.00, and bill came to $50.49. Not bad eh? My sister and I met for lunch and used our Applebee's gift certificates. Had a nice steak with mashed potatoes and squash.... mmmmm. Tonight just some scrambled eggs.

I am sitting here in my new deer foam slippers that my sister gave me for Christmas. LOVE them; they keep my feet, and thusly ME warm.

Been a good day, I would say!

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