Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Twas a good day yesterday. Although I was more tired than I thought I would be at the end of the day, that just meant earlier to bed. I do like living alone sometimes!

Did my three laps and even considered a fourth, but figured I would do a few more days of the three, before adding on. I definitely feel more toned, but I would not say I have lost weight, just yet.....

Worked Dan yesterday, spent a lot of time getting the sheep in the barn; they just don't want to go, but it's good practice for us in penning because I do all the jumping and gyrating I will do some day at a trial and he has to stay calm ;) I then worked him on the Cheviot yearlings- BOY do they work nice- not too light, and require forethought on his part. All the sheep are in good nick, and so far, just one bail of hay and half a scoop of grain. I think it's cheaper to feed hay plus a bit of grain than just hay, due to the exorbitant prices of hay. I think this hay is decent too, because that is not a lot of grain for 11 sheep....

Ram took a couple runs at Dan yesterday in the barn, but Dan does not seem worried at all about it. I will have to watch that ram. He may just be fearful, but I won't have a pita animal around.

Got a little more house work done yesterday, and then tomorrow I take off to work dogs and then on Friday, yes, Friday, go Christmas shopping. I know, so late. I just could not do it earlier because of the lack of money. It will be gift card palooza anyway, so it won't be tough to do.

Well, that's it for now!

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