Thursday, December 8, 2011

All day yesterday, I was worried. A small winter storm was due to come in, and I could not get to the farm until much later than I would like to have. As it was, I didn't even stop at the house on the way to the farm. I just hate when I break schedule for my animals. Anyway, I got there, and dropped down a bale of hay, and then got some grain. I had no dog, so getting the grain to the sheep consisted of me waving my arms frantically and running about crazy-like, to get the sheep to give me room.... Would have been funny, I bet if someone saw it ;)

Anyway, after that was done I opened up the small door for the sheep and as I came out with the hay, everyone was already in. Now, it had been raining ALL day and the previous night, so I wanted them to come in out of the rain if they chose... I got the bale divvied up and they dug in way faster than normal- an irritation at myself rose up. I just can't be doing that.... Anyway, I left them with their hay, and the barn available and they seemed quite content.

When I got home, the dogs were nuts. Everyone wanted to do something, well, not everyone- Danny and Lucy did, but it was raining so hard, it never happened. I fell asleep pretty early, wondering how much snow was actually going to come. As it turned out it was just a dusting. Thank goodness. I am going to move the water tank over and set up the extension cords for the heat tape and the water heater. It is supposed to get cold, but then I see next week, the highs will be in the upper 40s. That will be great!

Tomorrow I finally finish paying for the hay I bought and maybe just maybe get a little shopping done. Nephews are all getting gift cards, they are old enough that toys are not an option..... Oh, one cool thing, my oldest nephew appears to be in line for an internship at ESPN next summer. Is that cool or what? He's an excellent writer and has been writing for various newspapers for about a year now (he's 20). I hope he get something really great out of that experience, he is very talented.

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