Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Four laps today!

Did four laps around the field. After talking with my brother, I learned that one lap is close to half a mile, so that means... almost two miles! I did three and then took care of sheep and did one more. Dogs would go all day long with those. I am definitely feeling A LOT more energetic and just in general "better" and healthier. I am getting a lot done and tackling onerous tasks that I probably would never get to, if I didn't feel this energetic.

Sheep were so happy today, don't know what got into them, but all the Cheviots just galloped around the field today, and the ram stotted a long way as he ran by me. Then, when they stopped two Cheviots head butted each other just as an exclamation point I guess. Makes me happy to see them so happy.

The rest of this week- need to get some stuff at the feed store, and perhaps finally get that barn room raked out, and hay laid down in there.

So, that's it, just wanted to share my happy exercise news :)

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