Friday, December 23, 2011

Almost done........

Christmas shopping that is. Still have to get a few more things. Just could not decide what to get for a few people. I did enjoy the complete turmoil I saw in the guys buying for their girls- at Jewelry stores. I bet the Jewelry stores LOVE it right about now, when guys give up and just throw a lot of money at something shiny and expensive....... Gotta love Christmas ;)

I have another appt for my ear today, and I hope we can get this resolved. If the same thing happens in my other ear, I will need hearing aids...

Did my three laps yesterday. Didn't work Dan, but plan to later today.

Oh, one thing that happened the other day that I wanted to share- I sent Dan to get the sheep, blew into my whistle and NOTHING no noise at ALL. It was clogged with what I think was a piece of hay. I could not get it to work at all, until I washed it. So, word to the wise, make sure your whistle works before you step to the post!

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