Friday, December 30, 2011

Back to waking up at 3:30 am. This stinks. Need more sleep. Maybe tonight...
I did get the new cable box hooked up and the sound and picture are better. That's nice.

Even though it was darn cold yesterday, I stuck with my 4 laps around the field. Danny will from now on be walking behind me like Lucy on my walks. I have had it with him getting in front of me, running ahead, running back to me and turning back ad nauseum. It's a stupid habit and just irritating! Lucy walks nicely behind me, so can he.

I did work Dan yesterday. I used two of the old girls and two yearlings. One of the old girls did not want to stay with the others, and and yearling hung back with her, do Dan got practice on dealing with keeping everyone together. He was not a bit mentally tired after that work though. Maybe I need to feed him poor food, maybe Beneful? Just kidding!

I have a mondo headache this morning- the residual from the start of a migraine when I got up this morning. Too much going on at work. I will be so happy when work calms down.

Today I will just do basic things, and try and just take a rest at some point....

That's it for now!

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