Friday, September 18, 2009

Weekend, here we go

Well, believe it or not, another weekend has appeared. Good, very good. I did a teeny tiny amount of cleaning last night. Lots more to do, but it shall have to wait. It was down right chilly this morning. The forecast is for the thirties in the pine barrens this weekend. Jeepers, that is really cold.

I have to get my stuff together, and run errands, then I head out to the trial this weekend. It's a LONG ride. Don't like them- neither does Lucy. Danny is coming along as well. Will be his first hotel stay. We shall see how that goes. Am bringing balls and Frisbees for the dogs, so they can get some exercise. My sister is staying at my house, so that will be good.

BJ the Parakeet is fine. Let's hope he stays that way. Not letting my guard down.

Not much to write, have to get a move on.

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