Monday, September 21, 2009

Danny Boy

You know, the last few weeks have been very busy/hard on me. I had some personal things happen that really upset me, and I have been going to trials now for three weeks in a row, and work has been very busy. I am also very sad about having to face losing my Tucker boy. Getting old is horrible. This is the same time as last year when I lost Cori.

I emailed a friend who trains Border Collies, and she gave me sage advice. BC's are just real pitas at this age. I need to just set things up so he can't bother the other dogs, and give him lots of exercise (which I already do). Today, I sat with the lad out on the deck. He finally calmed down, and looked at me with those lovely eyes, and he had a moment of calm adoration wash over him. Then, later when I was on the phone, out on the deck, Danny wanted my attention, so first he sat, and then he lay down. Just offered me behaviours to get my attention- behaviours I would like.

I do love him, and I feel like I need to give him time to grow up and enjoy him for what he is. I guess I am feeling my age, who knows. I know I am feeling his age ;)
After a couple more months of growing up, I will be sending Danny away for his training, and then, maybe then, he will be a big boy, and will have matured in such a way, that he fits me like Lucy fits me. Border Collies should come with warning labels...

Thanks Carolyn. Your support is always appreciated.

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BCxFour said...

YES! Border Collie's should come with warning labels, stapled right to their smart little heads. You are seeing the main reason why we get so many of them in rescue. *sigh* This age is very difficult and you are right they are first class PITA's, especially unaltered males. I feel for you...truly.

Have you decided who you are going to send Danny to for training??