Sunday, September 13, 2009

Trial Report

What a weekend! I am still not feeling great, so I almost didn't run Lucy on Saturday. But, I pulled up my boot straps, and got a move on.

Saturday, the outrun was 125 yards, and it was past a hedge row. This proved tricky for a lot of dogs. When it was out turn, I sent Lucy on an away. She immediately was tight. I stopped her, and gave her a "get out" command. So, she took it. To the left. So, she crossed her course, but kicked out beautifully. Nice outrun Lucy... Anyway, she came up behind, did a small over flank, and found the Scotties starting at her, like, "hmm, what do YOU want?" She nicely walked up (no whistles) and got them moving. Then they ran- probably due to her. Then, we got them tightly around the post, and then we wore. Me having to yell to get her to down, but her complying for the most part. Then, at the pen, the sheep got there before me. Great. The kiss of death. But, no.. I opened the gate, one sheep politely backed up so I could open it, and in they trotted. I couldn't believe we got a pen that easy. Was a decent run, but could have been better for the obvious reasons.

Today, we ran dead last. They had moved the set out point closer, to try and avert issues with young green dogs (I was told) and the hedge row. I was immediately deflated, because Lucy does better outruns and fetches with longer outruns... Oh well.

So, this time I send her left. She does a very nice out run. She comes up, gets them moving and then hurries them to me (which is worse now, because the sheep are closer to me..) Then, we get them around, and I have to yell a lot at Lucy, as she is just not listening for her downs. When we got the pen, the sheep stopped a good distance away. I layed down Lucy. I had her walk up, and then they bolted to the left, then the right, then lather, rinse repeat. The did NOT want to pen. So, at one point I had Lucy in the exact right spot. I said "One step". Not that she knows what that means. But, apparently she does, because she took one step, and then layed down. She really worked hard. Then, the sheep decided to bolt on my side, and one hit my thigh with her horns- hard. That's when I signaled to the judge that I was done.

We got off the field, and someone mentioned that it looked like a good run. It was. Apparently, we would have been one of the top scores, had we not retired- even without the pen. But, the run just felt bad, and I felt discretion was the better part of valour. So, that was our runs. Oh, and Lucy is in standing heat, so clearly, she has better things on her mind, then working for me ;)

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BCxFour said...

Wow, sounds like you did a wonderful job on both runs! Great job you guys!