Thursday, September 24, 2009

Impulse control

That's what Danny is learning these days. How to keep his butt planted, even in the face of extremely cool stuff.

So, today a new twist. Instead of just throwing the ball, and letting Danny run the minute I do, I make him lay down and stay, until I release him. It took a few tries, but soon he was getting it. Though, I certainly wouldn't say he is solid. This is also neat because it makes him have to look for the ball, use his nose, that sort of thing. A real brain worker, which, I could see made him as tired as lots more just plain ball throwing.

Danny needs to know that there are rules for everything. I hope that this puts him in good stead when he works sheep. See, at this point he still isn't serious, as he just wants to get in there, if you know what I mean with sheep, and if I correct him seriously, he will just quit. As if he just doesn't know what to do. He is still so young, that I think it's a combination of a very young brain, and lots of spent physical energy in the first 2 mins, and then he's blown his wad. Whatever I do with Danny, even if it isn't sheep, he certainly is teaching me a lot.

It was so warm this morning (yuck). Mozzies are back out. I could really do with fall just being here NOW.

Oh, and I have decided to attend the Kelpie nationals. We may bomb out there too, but at least we will be among our boots and pushy peers.

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