Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lucy's my girl

I worked Lucy yesterday and it was just great. Lucy has really come into her own now. We worked a bit on outruns, and I was able to correct a bit of tightness on the left, which she took well- and corrected appropriately. Then, on her lifts, the sheep just did not want to move, so she was able to do proper lifts, and make them move, calmly. It was very nice. When she sees sheep are about to bust free she just goes into cover mode, and it ain't that stylish :) Thanks sheep, that was good. Her driving was great. Lucy drove them I don't know how far, but at least 150+ yards? Then, I had her turn them and cross drive them a good long distance (I am bad at estimating lengths!), and then, I called her back, and worked on a couple outruns. Man it was nice. This dog fits me so well. Yeah, she can get a little wahoo a bit, but no dog's perfect.

If I could have another 3 Lucy's, over the rest of my life, I would like that very much.

Danny is on the side lines, until he grows up a bit. He's just too puppy still, and the corrections he needs to keep him out have to be too strong. So, he gets to tag along, and occasionally play, and swim in my brother's pond. He still love to fetch his ball, and again this morning, we played. He gets sufficiently worn out, and comes in to a nice cold bowl of water, and then he lays in the living room, happy as can be.

Well, that's it for now. Busy week ahead.

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BCxFour said...

Speaking of kelpies - This weekend at the trial, there was a Kelpie being run. What a wonderful wonderful dog. I believe she placed high in ProNovice - if not 1st or second. Ranch she did very well too...