Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A look ahead

This morning I woke up early, which is nice, because much of last week I over slept. It's good to be on track. You know, I was thinking as I threw the ball and Frisbee for the two younger dogs, that it is pretty different- me going outside in my boots and work clothes, to throw toys for dogs in the dark. Well, I do have the back door light on, but ostensibly, it's dark. I never did that before. Danny just needs to do something with me, no matter the weather or lack of light in the morning. He just does. Lucy, she likes to play, but isn't as intense about it. He's just so happy after that. Lucy, she just does what I do, and happily. I have noticed though, that Lucy is a bit less tense around the other females, since I have been exercising her more. That's a very good thing.

Basically, my life has changed, I think in a good way. I am busier, more regimented, and move more. This is good. My lawn has suffered badly, so I am not happy about that, but, heck, if it makes a happier Danny...

My plans to go to the Kelpie Nationals may be in danger. We are short staffed at work, and getting away may not be feasible. This *always* happens to me, it seems. But, life does get in the way, I guess. I am still going to try my darnedest.

The NY Sheep and Wool festival is coming up next month. Looking forward to that- it's only 20 mins from my house, and I will help out at the trial, and eat that wonderful home made chicken pot pie. I love fall. Something so renewing about the change in temps, the leaves falling, and the crisp air. Oh, also, I love apple crisp ;)

Am calling the Doctor today to see about more work ups, going to get this wonky health issue taken care of if it kills me ;)

Well, better run. I hope you all have great days/weeks!

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BCxFour said...

The sheep and wool festival sounds wonderful! I wish I could come. I love New England in the fall.

Take care of you and your health..seeing a specialist is a good idea, hang in there!