Sunday, September 27, 2009

Rain, we need it!

Am up early this morning. Was planning to work sheep, but alas, it's raining way too much. Wet wool/me just makes for a mess, and slippery too. We really need the rain, so I am okay with it. Danny, on the other hand, I bet if he knew were weren't going would be very sad.

I have a birthday party to go to today at 1:00. Should be nice. It's a big one for my nephew, so I may have to do something besides the moolah and the card ;)

Am looking forward to a quiet morning. Yesterday was anything but. Fell asleep very early last night reading a Reader's Digest condensed book. Did you hear that R.D. declared bankruptcy? Sad. My mother's been getting those books delivered to the house since I have been alive. That's not a short time!

Been following the sheepdog finals on Diane's blog- THANKS DIANE!! I now see that the finals are set. Looks like many of the usual suspects. I think what separates the winners from the VERY GOOD handlers is guile. They may run okay in the semis, but they hold just a wee bit back until they get to the BIG one. Let's see.

Well, it's still black as pitch and it's 6:00. Should make for a fun ball throw with Danny. Yuck. I think I may celebrate my boring morning later, by heading out to Barnes and Noble, just to browse.

The Kelpie Nationals are coming up soon. Have to work out house/animal care. I think a friend may stay here- which would be optimal. I was worried about Lucy traveling, as she HATES to travel, but I have learned that what she really hates is traveling in the crate. I have allowed her to ride shotgun, and she seems a good measure more relaxed. After a trip all the way to North Carolina, she should be over her fears ;)

Well, that's about it for now.

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