Friday, September 4, 2009

Second verse, same as the first

Today is the wedding. I had to go find something to wear. That was not exactly fun, but was definitely my exercise for the day. I finally found a skirt and top I liked. Not generally something I wear, but it looks good. I have definitely lost more weight, as everything was loose.

This morning was eventful for Lucy. She came in from outside holding her foot up, and was crying in pain. She got stung by a bee. OUCH. Right on her tootsie.

The wedding starts tonight at 5, and I heard the band is great. I know the food will be good. Nice weather too.

This weekend, I have hopes of pulling up the carpet in the bedroom. Heck or high water.

On the Danny front (isn't that a great shot of him??!!), he has learned to put his whole body in the water tank. No more sheep work for him for a while; he still isn't there mentally yet- he's keen, but not calm.

Have to focus on Lucy anyway. Last time I worked her, her driving was just so good- AND her outruns were good.

Well, going to chill a bit

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BCxFour said...

I feel for you and the shopping trip. Shopping is such a drag and exhausting to boot! Kudo's on the weight loss!

Danny is soooo adorable!
Poor Lucy and her foot...

I hope you have fun at the wedding!