Monday, September 28, 2009

Alasdair does it. Again, times 2

The man is legend. Seriously. He knows how to handle on the way to finals, to get his dogs schooled properly on the field and sheep, and then, at the big one, he brings it home convincingly. I know that there is a wee bit of chance- as in the sheep, but I believe the man makes his own luck.

When I first started working with Lucy, I signed up for a clinic with Alasdair. Lucy was just completely bonkers- keen, but pushy and just well, a tad bit embarrassing. Alasdair never gave us any odd looks, he never got upset, he just showed me what to do, and by our second session, I was so proud of my dog. Imagine that- not even a Border Collie. It was then that I developed a real appreciation of this man's eyes to see the work in the dog, not the dog, and his ability to work with anyone who really tried.

At the Gettysburg finals, I saw Alasdair- the first time since that clinic. He came up to me and asked how my Kelpie was. Wow. He remembered us. I told him that she had come leaps and bounds. He said "I knew she would".

Truth is, he had more faith in Lucy that I did back then. I was so worried about the differences in breeds, that I didn't see the work.

Since then, I have always rooted for Alasdair. The man simply is the best at what he does.

Good for you Alasdair, keep doing what you are doing, because it works.


Kathy said...

He is a wonderful handler and trainer and it shows.

I hate to be picky but his name is spelled Alasdair.

sheepkelpie said...
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sheepkelpie said...

All fixed- thanks for the heads up!

Kathy said...

I didn't want to be picky. No hard feelings.

I have gotten to watch Alasdair many a time and just watching him run a dog is a lesson in itself.