Sunday, September 27, 2009

Chill day

Today is a chill day. Didn't do diddly this morning, and then to a birthday party. Home, made an early supper, and now watching football, and keeping up with the scores of the usbcha finals. Alisdair is still in the lead. How exciting it must be to watch those 17 runs. Can't wait for next year. Will be on our side of the country, and should be great.

Danny got some good ball play in today, and one neat thing. I had the sliding glass door open and had him stay. This time I stood behind him, which was tough. Something made him release- not me. I said "HEY!!!" and the little guy came back to where he was!!!!! That's big. It shows that he is thinking, and not blowing me off, as I had no handle on him. It's an example, I believe of an "honest" dog.

Also, Danny is still trying to grab the odd leg of my dogs, but today when he went for Tucker, I said "hey!!!" again, and he backed off, but didn't look apologetic, he simply just stopped. That's another sign of growing up- taking a correction in stride.

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