Tuesday, September 22, 2009

A Glimmer of Hope

This morning, I decided to set Danny up to be successful, and let the other dogs out first, without him. In some ways, I feel like I should just make him leave the other dogs (some how) so he learns. But, I have learned that his brain just isn't ready to take over some impulses.

Anyway, I let the other dogs out this morning, along with one cat, who believes he is a dog. Hmmm, I wonder if he empties out like the dogs- never checked ;)

Then, after everyone came in, I let Danny out. I shouldn't say "let him out", as what this means, is I open his crate door, and make him stay until I release him. Then he hauls butt to the sliding glass door, and I make him back up, off the tile, onto the carpet, and make him stay there, when the door is open, until I release. After he has emptied himself, I make him stay back from the sliding glass door, with it open, and then release him to come in. It's all very regimented, and I am beginning to see, this BC likes that.

Okay, so I also have a rule, when I am getting the dogs' food ready in the morning, that he is not allowed in the kitchen. Not a single paw on the linoleum. I get all the bowls together, and then open the cabinet. Usually, once I do that, I have to remind Danny to lay down. Well, I opened the cabinet, and got a scoop of food out, and automatically looked back to remind Danny to lay down. I DIDN'T HAVE TO!!!!
He was laying down on the carpet, chin too. Being such a good boy. He maintained that, until just before I got his bowl, at which point he ran to his "station". I might add, that he was laying there being so good, even though the other dogs were running around. That's BIG folks.

It is so good to have friends who are supportive through tough times like this. It demonstrates who your real friends are, when you are down and out and they lend a hand to help you up.

Yesterday, I ran a bunch of errands, and brought home a 1/2 gallon of chocolate milk. I love chocolate milk. Had that, and a frozen Red Baron personal cheese pizza last night. I slept like a rock. It was just great. Sleep, it (and milk) does a body good.

So far, plans this week are to continue my domestic work, and then this weekend, sheep lesson, and helping out at a pig roast.

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BCxFour said...

WOO HOO! He is a good boy! I am so happy you are feeling a little relief :-)