Thursday, September 27, 2012

Thought I would be wiped out yesterday, but as it turned out, after a coffee break at work with some sort of apple delight, I woke up nicely.  That was really good.  Worked all day, and then headed up to the farm with the boys.  We had a big cherry tree come down during the last storm and the sheep were starting to eat the leaves, which are poisonous, so my brother had his friend Mark take away the left over leaves/twigs after another guy cut it up.  No sheep have died thus far...  Anyway, checked the sheep, and all look okay.  Only two girls marked so far.  Took the breeding harness off the ram and put the raddle marker on him.  I think the crayon was pretty much defunct, and the harness was uncomfortable for him.  I checked the lambs again. Two look good, and two others have less than good coloring.  I wormed the worst one again before the Big E.   I will call the vet today and see if I should just give her time, or go ahead and get a different wormer- do NOT want to do that, as the resistance issue of the parasites is always looming.

Have my big giant, horrible rotten school tax bill due next week.  I detest this time of year for that.  I wanted to enter a trial in November, but just can't do it- any and all money has to go to paying bills, not for fun things like trials.  So, time to just enjoy the outside... and working Joey boy.

Joe worked pretty well yesterday.  We are now working more on "do not push the sheep past me you little imp!"   Still, if sheep are a long way away, he will split them.  Need to work on/think about a transition between working him on flanks and outruns, where he does not get the difference...  All in all, he is fun to work and he's very keen.  I do like that about him.  He has no fear of getting  between the sheep and the fence- doesn't really rush as he does it.  It's so great being able to work him a little each day..  So great.

I took out the a/c unit in my bedroom yesterday.  The trim got ruined by some leakage by the unit a few months ago, but thankfully, since I re-set it so it leaned a LOT more, no more wetness.  Just the trim will have to be replaced, not the whole window sill, so that is good.  Also, before I left for the Big E on Sunday, I noticed that the roof over my storage area had a leak near the chimney.  Not good. So, I called the guy who replaced my roof a few years ago, and within just a few hours, he was there and fixing it.  Is that not cool?  That's excellent service.

Weather is supposed to be iffy for the next few days.  Will make the best out of it that I can, but no work scheduled until next week with Charlie.  I am so much happier without all the heat/humidity and bugs, I can't tell you.

Hope everyone is having a great week!

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