Monday, September 17, 2012

Could not find them anywhere...

Yesterday, after a breakfast of okay pancakes (did not put enough milk in and they were too thick for my liking), I headed up to the farm to get the day started.  I brought the Cheviots in and then set forth to gather the training sheep.  I could NOT find them.  I walked that field several times.   Of note is the HUGE amount of TALL white snake root, which blocks any decent view on the left of the field and then the wooded section on the back right.  We seriously need to clear out that field (you hear that Charlie?!)  Anyway, I even had Dan with me, and no luck.  After several trips I finally went in and told my brother that we had a problem.  He came out and started on the right side of the field and me on the left.  After a few minutes, I heard my brother call me.  THANK GOD.  I got over there, and there they were standing there.  They are chunky monkeys, so I really didn't think they would have the energy to actually get over/under a fence, but I looked HARD and did not see them.

After that, I checked the lambs and still pale.  I will call our local large animal vet today and see if he suggests a different wormer.  Not sure if maybe it is coccidia? I noticed some diarrhea in the field.  I am watching them closely.  They are all grazing and chewing their cud. 

I worked Joe a couple times, and he's pushy as all get out.  He will come in a bite a hock if they stop before they get to me.  Right now we are in the "not sure you are the boss lady" period, and this is where we need to get past to progress.   So, we will keep at it and if I get stuck, we will have to take a lesson with someone.

I had a light dinner and was beat after the day.  My knees were BAD. I mean keep me from sleeping bad.  I see the Dr. on Tues, and I bet he will suggest that syn visc stuff he mentioned previously.  I will take anything at this point.

Gotta see when Charlie and I can get back at the work again.  Things are looking better, slowly but surely.

Oh, that picture shows a brush hog swath through all that snake root...

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