Wednesday, September 5, 2012


I am good at this particular thing... Yesterday, I knew it was time to clean my house, so, I went right ahead and cleaned out my car and then shredded documents.  Yep, avoided that house cleaning quite well.   The car is new, and I want to keep it as nice as possible, so I set to that, and then the shredding, well, there was so much to do, I had to do that BEFORE I dusted, right?  Well, now I've no excuse.  HAVE to vacuum... 

This morning it was the most humid I have ever felt.  I swear it was like a wall of humidity when I went out there.  YUCK. 

I did not watch the convention (and did not watch the other one either).  My parents and sister did, but I am just not into that sort of thing.  I really have no idea how I will vote.  I *really* don't like the current Pres in terms of attitude/arrogance/ability and I don't agree with what he has done in many cases, but on the flip side, I am all about women's rights..... So, I want debates.  I want to hear what they will do, and not one more word about how BAD the other side is.  It's SO annoying.  Most of all, I want it over with.

I have some old hay that I am giving away.  I could try and sell it, but I just want it out of the barn.  Someone called and I will give them a ring and have them come out on Friday.  Then, I can get a good start on cleaning the barn out.

I was worried about boy kitty yesterday; I found him lying under my bed, which is not his usual m.o.  Later I noticed that he was there because he was afraid of the thunderstorms.  He's dog like even in that way.  I have no kids, but he's as close to one as I could get- it's weird- never thought I would say that.  He's just such a cool cat, and so loving and even empathetic.  Ginger, the old kitty is still plugging along.  In good shape for the shape she's in and she has been jumping on the bed still- from the floor.  I don't know what's gotten in to her, but she has not done that for years, and now all of a sudden she's like a high jumper!

Well, that's it for now!

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