Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Bad day yesterday.  When I gathered my sheep there was one lamb missing.  I looked all over for her, and worried that maybe when I had tried to work Joe on them that she got out.  That stupid white snake root plant is taking hold in the big field too, so it was hard to find her.  After a while, I found her.  She was in a stand of the snake root, dead.   She had some white froth that came out of her mouth but otherwise, I saw no issues.  I got the garden cart and brought her deep into the woods, as my brother was not around so we could dig a hole.   I don't know if the stress of working Joe on the sheep caused her to just be stressed really bad, or what, I just don't know.  I DO know that I won't be working Joe on my sheep again, until he's much further along in his training.  I can't have this, this eats at me like nothing else.  I did not sleep last night.  I know, you have livestock, you have dead stock, but no, I don't accept it, not a healthy animal like that dropping dead. 

After dealing with the lamb, I went to Agway and got more roundup to finish killing the white snake root in the hill field.  So %U(%U#()U% much of it.  I have just about had it with dealing with it. I may have to have a professional company come out and just deal with it, when I have the money.  It dies back every winter, but then in the spring it has to be obliterated.

I am going to get three calm sheep for Joe to work from a friend of mine.   I just can't afford to drive hours every week to work Joe and he needs work every day.  He worked so nice the other day, we have to keep on that plane of work.

I put the breeding harness on the ram yesterday.  He's noticing the girls now, but so far, they are not interested.  They must know the weather will warm up again.  The temps are back into low eighties again later this week.

Well, that's all I have for now.  I pray the rest of my sheep are fine....

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BCxFour said...

There is nothing worse than finding a dead sheep. Just makes your heart hurt and worry as a shepherd. I am sorry.