Friday, September 21, 2012

Atta boy Joey

Yesterday, I worked Joe again.  He's getting a bit better each time.  I worked Dan on the sheep first, to calm them down a bit, which is good for Dan, and then I have him leave them not too far from me, the gate and Joey.  I get between him and the sheep and although he's tight, he is going around- generally, and if he is tight, he will re-group everyone.  It's looking better.  Been working on keeping him from pushing them over me- as these sheep will go past and of course then he wants to get in front to cover.  We are also up to doing some walk abouts, which is cool, because of the trees- keeps it interesting.  At one point the phone rang- it was the vet's office (I had called about dosage of the Corid for the lambs), and I was able to down Joey, speak to vet, and hang up, and when I flanked him, he was good, not too tight.  That's a biggie.  We are still not 100% no zipping on flanks and he is tighter than he should be on the left, but we are working on it.  This working a short time each day is so much better on these young dogs.  I am so happy to have these sheep to be able to do this, and my cash flow is not so negative owing to so much gas money going POOF!

When we were finished working, I brought Joe to water, and he had a smile on his face, and a slow, happy wag. That's how I know it was a good session.

Atta boy Joe!

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