Tuesday, September 4, 2012

I decided yesterday was the day to try Joe on my sheep.  So, I tied Dan up near the barn area, hoping that would keep the sheep away, and I brought Joe out to three girls, two adults ewes and a yearling.  Joe started out tight and then the sheep ran.  Two stayed together and one broke off.   I had to get Dan and have him be back up.  He was great at this.  He did not let them leave, and if they did he brought them back- all without commands.  At one point one ewe did not want to come closer to me and he had to "put the hammer down" on her to move her back.  Can't say as I blame her, but we need to get Joe on my sheep, so there will be a learning curve for each.   

After I worked Joe, I worked Dan, and he did not cover one ewe, so she bolted to the barn.  He ran after her and she stood alongside the  barn and would not budge.  He tried a couple things, and then he stood there in her face and I told him he was a good boy and then I gave him the command to move her, and he did.  I stopped him after he got her going (as having to grip is still exciting to him, as I bet it would be most dogs), but in the end, the best part is that he was successful.  We did work on fetch stops and other things.   My brother needed a ride to some fields that he is leasing to hay.  I had not been to them, but when I pulled into the one, I said "FINALLY a good field to work my dogs".  So, I think I just have to sign a liability release and we are good.  Exciting because this place is literally across the road from my pasture.  I hope it works out.

House needs a good cleaning, and I meant to get on that yesterday, but it was not meant to be.  This trialing business takes me out of my normal routine and things just get behind.... Another trial this weekend and then one more this month, that is IT!  I just can't keep going away, not to mention the money factor, which is ALWAYS on my mind.

Well, that's it for now!

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