Wednesday, September 26, 2012


Am back, after two days of trialing at the Big E in Massachusetts.  I have never run in this trial, so I did not know what to expect of Dan and I.  There were two trials on Monday and one on Tuesday. 

Our first run was not too spectacular.  Several sheep missed panels, and although Dan listened well, things were not as tight as they could be- still though, I was happy.  Here is a video of our run

Anyway, after that run in the morning, we ran again in the afternoon, with a different drive direction, and we had a great run going.  All up until we finished the bridge.  We had gotten everyone through everything and Dan and I both got a bit jumpy, and Dan pushed in on the sheep behind me as I tried to guide them into the pen and then he zinged them a couple of times, and we did not get the pen.

That night we were all so tired we ordered take out delivered to the hotel and ate, and went to bed.  It's a long 12 hours at a fair...

Our run on Monday was better than the other two.  We got all the obstacles and I kept calm, and Dan worked superbly.  We ended up with eleventh place, and a little bit of money for our efforts- that was the cool part :)

I was so tired on the way home, I missed our exit off the parkway... I missed Joe a lot when I was gone, but it appears he is no worse for the wear.

Back to normal life now.

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