Tuesday, September 11, 2012

September 11

It's here again.  The anniversary of the terrorist attacks on the USA.   I am now at the point that I want to remember, but I am cried out.  Of course, if I went to any of the 9/11 memorials, I bet I could do more crying, but my heart is also ready to hear how the kids of those lost in the attacks are doing.  How they have fared?  Has a Phoenix risen from the ashes?  You know, before 9/11, none of us really thought that we were un-safe in the USA, but that changed that fateful day.

I do remember what I was doing and where I was when I heard of the attacks. What a beautiful day it was, not unlike today.  It was surreal.  So many tears and the world seemed to grind to a halt.

I hope that as the years go by, we never forget this horrific event and that this history is taught to our children, and not glossed over by some over played politically correct syllabus.  It's a fact, it happened, and nothing can change that.  I also hope that with each year the pain lessens just a little bit for everyone.  I really do.  It ranks up there with D-day, the invasion of Pearl Harbor.  We look at those who were in those events with a strong reverence and see the wisdom they gained in such a short time.  We are all changed just by knowing those intimately involved. 

We all need strength and healing.  And in time, it will come.  God Bless the USA.

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