Saturday, September 15, 2012

It was time

To get sensible sheep for Joe.  Gas prices are out of this world.  No more excessive driving to work him on sheep.  I have a neighbor down the street who raises mixed wool sheep and I got three pretty wool crosses to use.  They are well dogged and pretty.  Picked them up yesterday.  When we pulled into the field with the trailer, my sheep could smell these sheep and pretty much ran up to see what was happening.  The new girls who are dark in color, checked out the water, and then headed off to other areas, with my flock following, especially the ram.

This morning when I got to the farm, I saw the three new girls near the barn, and the Cheviots were else where.  I had Dan collect them all, and I separated out the chocolate girls to use for Joe.  They were good.  They may run a little, but stop and look.  This is good.  He was a bit tight at times, but they were more forgiving, and Joe is really learning to cover and bring back whomever leaves.

I then decided to check out the lambs.  One runty lamb just looks a little less than perky, so I checked her gums, pale.  So were the gums of another.  So, all the lambs were wormed.  The adults were good.  I bet this is what killed the other lamb.  I had wormed everyone on August 1st, but I guess I should have kept checking on them- even though they acted normal...  I will check everyone again tomorrow and if no improvement, I will order a new kind of wormer.  No messing around.  The ram did mark one of the ewes... Hmmm.  Hoping he would not get busy so early.  Well, I have marked down the date.  Hope it's not too cold a winter....

I am home early because I had to drop my nephew off at a birthday party.  I am pretty tired today, so may just hang out and read my book.  Tomorrow will be a full day at the farm, pulling more snake root and cleaning the pasture.  Will also work Joe.

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Debbie said...

It can take up to 60 days to get the lambs pink again. I had a terrible time with parasites this year, and the vet said there is no quick fix. For the last few, I used B vitamins and an iron shot, and I think it helped a lot.