Monday, September 10, 2012

No Go

Didn't go to the trial this weekend.  The weather forecast called for potentially very bad weather (there was a tornado watch until 10:00 pm Sat night) and I did not want to be gone and attempting to trial my dog on a hill in weather like that.  I got a bit of a stomach ache at the lost money, but it has taught me a lesson on where my priorities are.  I over did the trialing this year, and I think next year, I am going to pick trials where I can get more runs (perhaps the Canadian trials) and not have to go weekend after weekend.  It gets a bit tiresome.   Also, I need a camper of some sort, as hotels are extremely difficult to deal with- they seem to charge you immediately, when you reserve, and getting your money back can be very hard.

So, since I stayed home, I decided to work Joe on the Cheviots.  I worked the flock this time and it was only marginally better than with the three.  They are just not workable by a young dog.  The lambs were lying down, and the adults were splitting off.    Yesterday, I went to my friend's place to work Joe as it was just a bad memory we formed on my sheep.  He did very well- once I got him to stop trying to get around me to head the sheep, and not push so hard behind the sheep- which causes the former!  I really like Joe.  I worked him several times and he just got better each time.  I always expect he will be exhausted at night after working, but he is not.  It's amazing.

Got my house vacuumed on Saturday.  Looks better, now I have to get some other cleaning done.  This week will be geared toward cleaning and working the dogs. 

Cooler temps this weekend, especially tonight.  I bet the ram starts getting to work now that it's cooler.  

Well, that's it for now!

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