Wednesday, September 12, 2012

I got to the farm yesterday with some trepidation.  I was frankly worried about my sheep.  I don't know what killed that lamb, so who knows what's next.  When I went into the field I could not see my sheep (that stupid white snake root is taking over at the back edges).  I walked further in and saw them, all looked okay.  One smaller lamb in the mix looks okay, but why was my bigger lamb found dead?  Well, I will never know.  Anyway, they all looked fine and were eating.

After I walked the dogs, I started to pull the snake root- whenever I am upset about something I get to work on some task, and it makes me feel better, and well, I need to get rid of this stuff.  I sprayed it in the other field, but the sheep are in this field now, and I won't use chemicals when they are in there.

So, I started pulling and pulling.  Figured out a trick to make it easier- pull a few canes in the bunch at a time and it's less bulk to yank up.  Got about a twenty five foot area done and called it quits.  I then took the dogs for another walk, as I know they are bored.  After the walk I headed home and made some dinner (this was late), and I actually was able to stay up and watch "The Incredible Dr. Pol".  Then, I actually slept almost through the night; woke up at 3:30, but was able to go back to sleep.

Today is work at the farm day.  I am very stoked about it.  Charlie is a great worker and we get a lot done.  Today will be cut up the trees that are down (and a few more) and get the lambing pen re-fenced with good fence.  Going to cob job the gate, as I don't have anyway to get the holes dug.  Given that this is a tree farm and the trees were planted in a row... This means I have two trees to use for the gate and the gate neighbor.  Not bad eh?  Yeah, cob job, but money is an issue and I am not hand digging a three foot hole.   When Charlie is cutting up the trees I may pull more snake root.  That is one evil weed.

Then, the rest of the week will consist of working the dogs and getting some workable sheep. I have decided not to work my Cheviots with Joe until he is much more solid and calmer.  I can't afford to have them have bad things happen to them..

So, that's it for now.  Last night was gorgeous, no need for a/c or heat... Just a nice night.  Wish it could be like this every day!

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