Thursday, October 15, 2009

When Sheepdogs Die...

When Sheepdogs Die they don't go to the Rainbow bridge
They wait, at the gate of the pasture in the sky

They sit and wait, patiently like they always did in their mortal days
The pasture is as big as they eye can see

There are rolling hills dotted with sheep
Waiting for their Shepherd, and his dog

It may be many years, but the sheepdog will wait
He is faithful, always was, and even more so now

See, he has his freedom, now that he has left the bounds of earth
But, more than ever, he feels he must wait

For this pasture is the one that will surpass the others
There are no real fences, just wonderful sheep, rolling hills
And all the time in the world

Why would there be a gate you ask?
So the shepherd could find his sheepdog

So, when your sheepdog loses his grip on this world
Do not spend so long shedding a tear

For this sheepdog awaits you no worries no fear
He waits to join you again

This time it will be forever
Forever with you and the sheep

-Julie Williams

1 comment:

Kathy said...

Julie, that was lovely. You should post that elsewhere and share it.

It really hit me as I just lost my Jag on July 30th. And sorry, I still shed a tear.