Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Miles to go before I sleep

Yesterday, work, followed by another cleaning tear. Wow. It's amazing the stuff you miss in every day/week cleaning.. Well, I am happy to say, I FOUND those neglected areas. I absolutely cannot believe the energy I have now. Seriously. I won't bore you will all I did last night, but suffice to say, it's like I have an almost new house. Well, not really. It still needs cosmetic work (dogs tend to damage things with nails, etc.), but it is definitely better. Not quite there yet, but I'd say 75%.

It was COLD last night. Mr. Chips got smart, and ran out the door at the last outage for the dogs. I tried to get him in, but figured he would get cold- yeah- he did, and sat and meowled (meow/howled) at the door. When he came in he was purring and cuddled right up on my lap, apparently happy that we have heat in the house.

This morning it was even COLDER. Today I have to go to Albany and pick up some animals at Delta cargo. Joy. It will be late when I get home. I detest driving in the dark. Plus, the deer are freaked out now because hunting season is fast approaching. Please pray a little for me, that I don't get wiped out on the thruway...

I am so looking forward to the sheep and wool festival this weekend- it's just what the Dr. ordered. A few of us will head out to dinner Sat night, and then just communing with friends, sheepdogs and sheep. Doesn't get any better than that.

So, that's it for now. If you are all very good, maybe I will put pics up of my clean house, but they won't do it justice- you need to be able to SMELL the NO dog smell!

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