Sunday, October 11, 2009

Much better, and a woman posessed

Apparently that last B12 shot kicked in. If the amount of stuff I got done means anything. First, I worked a whole day, then I went to Kohls and shopped, and shopped and shopped. I bought some nice knick knacks for the holiday, and some stuff I needed for the house. Then, I went to the mall, got a new cell phone, and other things.

Then, home and picked up all those piles of leaves I raked the previous day. Then, I got up on the roof and cleaned out the gutters. Then, rest for a minute, but then went back out and raked the side yard, and removed those leaves. Seriously. I went pre dawn to sunset.

I am happy with my purchases- well, I had to bring two sweaters back as I got them a size too small, but other than that... Anyway, it's been nice catching up.

There are still many more leaves to come down. Joy. Well, at least I made a small dent in everything.

1 comment:

BCxFour said...

I want a B12 shot too...

When you are done with your house, can you come here and do mine too?