Sunday, October 4, 2009

The Big Trip

Well, has been a good past few days, I think... I worked Lucy mainly on penning and cross driving. Both need work. Her cross drive parallel to pressure needs work (ie: inside flanks, and coming up enough to keep the sheep in line, but not too much to head them). Her penning has come a very good way. She is now keeping off a proper distance. Now, I doubt this will hold true when she gets recalcitrant sheep, but at least she has been doing and can do the proper work. Lucy is calming down a lot in the car. The noises of going over rumble strips still bother her a lot, but in general, she is much better. Danny never got to work sheep, but he did get to swim in the pond, and fetch some sticks. Don't get me wrong- he WANTS to work sheep, but I am holding off until his proper education starts at sheep camp later this month...

On the way home from working sheep, I stopped at MacDonald's for my traditional fish fillet, diet coke and apple pie. It's the perfect amount of food for me. Well, after I paid my bill, they asked if I wanted a dog biscuit for my dog. Lucy heard that, and she was very happy. Both Danny and Lucy each got a biscuit. This makes MacDonald's a truly nice place for the dogs :)

As we approached the bridge toll, I noticed a VW Bus van with the phrase "The Big Trip" painted on the back. I also noted that they had an England License Plate. I figured that they must be traveling America, and being a friendly person, and welcoming, I figured I would pay their toll :) So, as I pulled up to the booth in front of them, I told the toll taker that I would be paying for them too. At which point, she asked if I wanted a biscuit for my dog? What a GREAT day for Lucy and Danny! Does it get any better than this? Sheep, swim, treats by strangers?

When I got home I commenced cleaning. I mean heavy duty stuff. I finally vacuumed, washed some walls, pulled things out and vacuumed more, just basically went nuts. Did several loads of laundry- even the kitchen and bath mats. Just went to town. Then, I had a frozen pizza for dinner and went to bed.

This morning I woke up with the start of a migraine. But, it has subsided. I played a very half hearted ball of fetch with the dogs, and now am getting myself together to run to the market (this means downing more coffee). It's so nice having a clean(ish) house. Makes one's mood improve drastically. Heck, I might even watch some football today- I think my team is playing... Want to guess who my fave team is?

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