Thursday, October 8, 2009


So busy. Just can't imagine how I even considered getting away this week. Between work, and home, I am going before sun up to well into the night. Today when I got home, I worked on my spare room- just doing some good old fashioned cleaning and reorganizing. It's half way there. In some ways being forced to stick close to home is good- I can catch up on so many things I have not had time, or made the time for. I will HAVE to clean out those gutters this weekend, as well as do *some* raking. I would mow, but the lawn really doesn't need it.... Still lots of leaves to go, but the Ash trees are mostly done- now it's the Shag bark Hickory, and Black Walnut, and Pin Oaks to go.

A neighbor not too far from me has a SharPei that they have placed in a dog run, and left him. He cries/barks at ALL hours. He was doing this this morning at between 5 and 6. Also when I got home, and still going strong. He is freaking out. I CANNOT believe his owners are allowing this.

I noticed that Danny is feeling a might thin lately- better up his food. He loves his food, so no worries that he will pick up the weight.

Well, that's it for now in my neck of the woods.

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