Friday, October 9, 2009

Lucy gets it done!

My dog was rather unceremoniously pressed into service this morning. Friend of mine
who has a small flock of sheep called in a dither, saying that something got in with her sheep, and they panicked, taking down the e-net (I hate e-net, this just instills the hate deeper). She needed help with catching them up. So, I bring my Kelpie, and my BC pup (along for the ride), and we head out to ground zero.

Upon arrival, I spec out what we need to to. I have the BC pup in the car, being a good pup, and I send my Kelpie to fetch the sheep back. As I sent her, I ask "They're
dog broke, right?" To whit she replies "You mean they are used to dogs?"
I say "no, they have been worked by dogs". Reply "No". So, ooookay.

They are panicked, by probably a Coyote, and now I send a dog to fetch them. Well, Lucy apparently got the message, because she swept out far and wide (just like the books tell us the dog should, so as to not spook/affect the sheep). Well, she gets up and around, and I see the sheep start to bunch. Then I see a tighter bunch. Then I see no movement.

Then, I ask my friend "The ram isn't in there is he?" Reply: "Yes, we just put him in last weekend". Ooookay. So, then began the dance. The Muhammed Ali dance- the float like a butterfly, sting like a bee dance. Lucy comes up calmly, but with intent, the ram stands, and then there is a stand off followed by a charge, and then a nose grip, then Lucy backs off, moves left, moves right, repeat, and so on. Now, all the while, the ewes are starting to move in all directions. This worries me, but I figure that soon Mr. Butt head ram will get the message. Eventually Mr. B got the message, and turned, and ran for his girls. Lucy, for once in her life! Stayed off him, and let him move without pushing. Good lesson for my dog.

We got them into my friend's barn yard and fed some grain, and inspected for injuries. When it was all said and done, Lucy came quietly up to my side, and looked at me, tongue lolling, and I swear, lit up a cigarette ;)

I guess the wee girl does have some utility in her after all.

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