Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Gray Fox

As I suspected, it was so relaxing and nice to be in a clean house. I am not a neat-nik, but I am someone who does like to feel like the dirt and hair will not take over... So, it has been nice at home lately. Danny, I think, is starting to grow up a bit. He's learning good patience, and is getting with the door routine. That also makes things nice. I tell you, it's nice having him around, because the bitches will play with him. Yesterday, Kylie my 7 year old Kelpie was racing around the yard with him. She hasn't done that in a long time. Lucy will play with her, but it always degrades to Lucy biting Kylie on the neck too much. Heck, even Nikke will play with him :)

This morning, as I was walking out with Lucy and Danny, I heard a Gray Fox calling- territorial call. COOL!!!! I thought. We used to have a den behind my house, but my scummy neighbor chased them away (he actually wanted the police to kill them). I love wild life- within reason- all my animals have their Rabies vaccinations, and the fenced in yard gives me some measure of security.

I was a bit foggy brained this morning. I had washed the sugar bowl last night, so I needed to refill it this morning. So, what do I do? I pour the sugar into my coffee mug. DUH. Then, I get the sugar bowl, start to pour in the sugar, and realize it is still wet. Double duh. Not too bright.

The furnace came on early this morning, I guess we are hitting mid fall. I don't mind really, at all. Lots of leaves are falling, and I have to get them picked up- I may hire someone. But, I always say that, and end up doing it myself ;)

Perhaps this weekend, I will do some baking- brownies anyone? How about with vanilla ice cream? Need to start packing the weight back on for winter, don't you know?!

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