Saturday, October 10, 2009

Lucy does it again part II

So, been working on fall "stuff". Hit Home Depot for necessary items- one of which is a mondo rake. Got some raking done yesterday, but have hours more to do. Oh well. Also got the bulbs I have been forgetting to get for ever. Got to get them planted. Got some other stuff, and a medium sized Pumpkin, which I am going to carve out to look like a Kelpie. I may even put a CANDLE in it. HOW COOL! ;)

I have been having headaches again lately, which are brought on by lots of upper arm work. But, Aleve seems to quell them. My appetite is all but gone lately. Weird. It's good, but weird. Food sort of grosses me out. I am sure it will pass. Nothing an Auntie Anne's pretzel with cinnamon can't fix :)

This morning I let the dogs out and Lucy and the other dogs (except for Tucker who doesn't see/hear well) ran to the upper back corner. Since I had a headache, all I wanted was them to come in, so I could get Danny out. When I went back out to throw for the dogs, Lucy basically shows me what was so interesting. ANOTHER dead bunny. I cannot believe this. I didn't see any blood. I never see her shake them, but they are dead as door nails. This has to be nearing 10. So, I dispose of bunny, and tell Lucy she is a murderer, and we all go in the house. Oh yeah, as I am carrying bunny in a shovel, Lucy is all excited about what she gets to do with it... This was a relatively young bunny too. Sorry bunny. But, the fenced in yard is no place to hang out.

Today I am heading to Kohls to pick up some stuff, and then home. I doubt I will cook this weekend- just can't think of anything I want. Oh, and maybe get BJ a friend....

That's it for now.

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