Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Ahh, the drudgery of every day life

Into another week, with lots of plans, and things to do. I awoke yesterday with a severe headache- one of those- aneurysm types. I could not walk a straight line- I kept listing to the right, and bumping into the wall. I did not want to go to work. But, I figured that a hot shower would help the tense muscles, and it did- Praise Jesus for that. I had a busy day at work, and after work got the inspection on my car done, but as always, I had to get something else done- new tires. More money out the door. I swear, my financial "life" is a colander....

When I got home yesterday, it was still a bit light out, and I played with the dogs. Lucy did the cutest thing- she retrieved her Frisbee, and then ran to a pile of leaves and plopped into it. She was playing in the leaves like I used to as a kid. She did that again this morning. My mums are so pretty on the front step- so are the Seedums I have.

I have continued cleaning, organizing. I shredded a ton of stuff last night, and cleaned windows, walls, still so much to do. I did reorganize the bathroom cabinet (you know, towel etc., area).

The weather has been a great impetus to get this cleaning done, and another nice thing is that I can leave the door open for the dogs to come and go. But, in weather like this, they generally stay outside... Can't say as I blame them.

Rain today, but that's okay- we need it.

I know this is not an exciting series of blog entries, but such is my life for now. I plan to work Lucy again some time soon, and Danny boy leaves this weekend for his sheep camp.

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BCxFour said...

Ohhh where are you sending him to sheep camp? Did you pick a trainer?