Tuesday, August 11, 2009

T- 10 and counting

Okay, from about today, until some time in September, maybe, I am going to be flat out. Ugh. This Friday a trial. Not sure if we should go. Lucy has not been worked enough. Lucy is like a three day eventing horse. She needs work to be under control. It's rather like asking her to do dressage on a cross country course. It's going to be bad, I have a feeling. But, we are entered, and there are no refunds at this point. Gotta think positive!

Then, next week, busy at my day job. Then, that weekend, another trial. Oh Lordy, do you see where this is going? Then, that following week, starting on Tuesday is the fair that runs through Sunday. Then one weekend off, then another trial on the following weekend, and then another trial following that. I kid you not. What was I thinking?

Oh, and then there's the Kelpie Nationals in October that I wanted to go to. Can I do it? I don't know.

Then, in and amongst all this, we need to get the fence set. I have some big bills to pay first, so everything in it's proper order.

Lucy cut her foot last weekend working sheep. She sort of sloughed off a piece of her pad on her back right foot. She licks it a fair bit, but seems sound.

Danny now has taken to giving Kylie flak when she goes outside, so now I have to come down on him for that. He has learned, I think to leave Tucker alone. He's at a hard age right now. Not quite 8 months, but FULL of testosterone.

Yesterday was so hot and humid, it was dangerous to do a lot outside. I think the heat index was near 100 degrees F. So, no ball playing. This did not make Danny a happy boy. But, dem's the breaks little boy! This morning was extremely muggy. Oh, and we had MAJOR thunder/lightening last night. Very close. Dogs were not impressed. Okay, back to this morning, just a short while outside with the dogs left me with a wet face from the mugginess. I cannot WAIT for fall. Something about this summer has really just stunk. Except for that one high point- we all know what that was!

Well, that's it for now.

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