Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Lamb on the Lam

Jeez, anyone want to get their Kelpie or BC and get this sheep? Lordy. How hard can it be.

Wednesday, August 5, 2009 3:34 AM CDT
Lamb on the lam
By JON ERICSON, Courier Staff Writer
CEDAR FALLS — A wayward sheep is causing headaches for local officials.

For more than two weeks police in Cedar Falls and Waterloo, along with animal control officials have been trying to capture a loose sheep.

Police first started getting calls about the sheep a little more than two weeks ago.

"Basically, in a nutshell, we can’t catch it," said Cedar Bend Humane Society co-director Kristy Gardner.

The first sightings happened in Waterloo, in areas near Central Middle School. Then police began getting calls in Cedar Falls, near the John Deere Product Engineering Center.

"At one point last week it was down by Cedar Heights Drive and Viking Road at the roundabout. More recently we had reports in the area of Grand Boulevard," said Cedar Falls Police Lt. Kelli Head.

Gardner said the sheep escaped from a rural Cedar Falls residence. Animal control has been getting about two calls per day regarding the animal.

Most of the time, the sheep has been spotted in open areas , making it difficult to capture because it escapes into cornfields. At one point an animal control officer shot the animal with a tranquilizer pellet, but the sheep’s skin was too tough to penetrate.

"Of course we’re concerned with the welfare of the sheep, but we’re also concerned about it wandering out in traffic and causing an accident," Garnder said.
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BCxFour said...

LOL that is funny!

sheepkelpie said...

Are you close? maybe Beth could get a paying gig!