Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Health updates, and whatever else

Howdy folks. Well, heard from the Dr. the other day. Turns out I have a B-12 deficiency. This will result in all of the symptoms I have been having. This means shots of B-12 for now, and hopefully pills thereafter. I do eat a diet rich in B-12, so we need to find out why that's happening. Good to know that I am not nuts.

As to the knees- it's patello-femoral syndrome- knees are not in proper alignment causing all kinds of improper loads, and most significantly, pain. So, that's that for the health department- everything is fixable. Good to know.

Haven't worked the dogs in a long time on sheep. Danny is enjoying his morning, afternoon and evening ball play. Lucy has decided to join us in the morning for a bit of play, so she is incredibly fit. She has always been fit, but wow. Three sessions a day for her and Frisbee results in a very svelte body. Danny is fit too now. I hope this serves him well when and if we do get back on sheep. Honestly, it's too hot to work dogs on sheep now, so I am coming to peace with not doing it. But, like I said before, I may have to pull Lucy from the trials if we can't get some regular work in.

So far, Danny is not any easier than Lucy to start, in fact, I think he's harder. Lucy pretty much went around the sheep right from the start. Danny, as of our last session was doing that, but still he wants to go right into them, here and there. Lucy also took much lighter corrections. Everyone told me to get a Border Collie because they are so much easier. HA HA. Serves me right. The Kelpie Gods are teaching me a lesson. Danny may end up being sent out to be started- if I can't get him right myself. Figures.

He's a nice boy at home, but he needs more socialization with other dogs. He doesn't seem to like other breeds of dogs. So, when we are at the fair in a few weeks, he will have a baptism by fire. Dogs of every breed will be around. He will have to deal. By the end of it, he will be well socialized to just about every breed there is.

So, starting next week, I am going to be very very busy, through the whole month. Hopefully there will be some fun stuff mixed in there. We shall see. I truly look forward to fall. This summer has been a bust.


Laura said...

Sorry to hear about your knees and B12 deficiency, but I'm glad it's all fixable. Julie, isn't Danny still pretty young to be working him (especially with stronger corrections) and expecting much out of him? Or is he older than I thought? I'll finally be getting another pup soon, so I'm interested in what people are doing with their young 'uns :-)

sheepkelpie said...

Hi Laura
Yeah, he is- in my mind. We haven't been working him though, more than once every two weeks- due to scheduling etc. He will be 8 months in a week or two, and that's when we can work him in earnest. He's super super keen and super super focused. Gets him in to trouble :) But, given the heat, and everything else, it will be good to hold off even longer. Perhaps September- pretty much most of this month is just not going to work- I, and everyone else are very busy.
ps: congrats on the pup!

BCxFour said...

I am happy to hear that most of your health issues can be easily treated! Excellent news. Sorry about your knees.

About Danny, the mindset over here is that a BC should not be started until they are at least a year old. Many believe they lack the emotional maturity until then to take the pressure of training. Then there are others that believe you start the dog when it shows they are ready (8 - 12 months) but still keep it light and fun until they are over a year old. I am sure that is what you have in mind anyway.

Danny sounds like he may be a great deal like my Brynn. As much as I would love to start her as I have Beth and Bonnie, I dont think I am going to have the experience to not screw her up. My plans are to send her to Karen or Dianne when she is ready.