Sunday, August 9, 2009

My Opinion

What you think about people putting up donation links on their blogs? Do you find it okay, or distasteful? No, not for donations to worthy causes, like we see so often, which I am whole heartedly for, but rather, donations to help the blog writer get by every day. A blog writer, who has gainful employment, asking for money for her own use, to use for well, anything.

I find it really distasteful. So much so, that I think I will not be following that blog anymore (no, it's none of the ones I have listed at my blog). I mean, it would be like me putting up a donation tab for money to trial with. Sure would be nice to have extra money, but the old fashioned method of EARNING it, seems to sit much better with me.

Perhaps if this person who is begging for alms for the poor, could see that it is distasteful, maybe they would donate the money to a good cause, not to further their own wishes. But, that's just my opinion.


BCxFour said...

No frigging way? REALLY? Someone did that???? Does Rory have a blog? (I had to ask!)

sheepkelpie said...

Yes, they did. Can you believe it? Maybe I should put up a link for donations to pay for my gas to get to trials...

No, not that I know of- yet- I am sure, it will be modeled after mine ;)

How was the shedding clinic?

BCxFour said...

I didnt go...I shunned Fido's this weekend. I am still smarting a bit from sheep camp. I will grow up and get over it soon I think.