Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Sore mouth

This morning the weather was just beautiful. Not humid, and not hot. Supposed to, so far, be good weather all week- which is great for the fair.

Kylie has I think a sore mouth- was not eating well this morning, which, if you knew Kylie, you would know is really bad. I looked at her mouth, and it appears her left carnassial tooth is very inflamed at the gums. She already had the right one pulled for a big crack in it. So, she will have to get to the vet's soon. I hope that doesn't have to be pulled. She only chews occasionally on an old marrow bone. Bones are dangerous I tell you!

Danny seems fine after his Rabies vaccination- good thing. I have packed his ball and a Frisbee for Lucy, and then some treats, and soon will head off to the fair. I plan to bring my video camera, so you all can see just what it IS I go to every day. I will also video tape the sheep herding later this week, and the Bull riding too.

This fair signifies the end of summer, and that in and of itself is a good thing!

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