Sunday, August 23, 2009

I am a schmuck

Well, I never made it to the trial this weekend. We lost power on Friday night. That means no alarm. I got up too late to get there on time. Then, Saturday, I started to feel sick, and have been at home. I am still not up to par with regard to my energy.

I have take the circumstance to be home to do some cleaning, interspersed with rest. The dogs are handling it fine, which is good, because I am at the fair all next week. 12 hour days. I will be able to play ball with Danny and Frisbee with Lucy a couple times per day, but other than that, that's it.

I may try and make a trip to Petco today to get some give aways for our table at the tent. Last year I got some cheap toys and pigs ears, for a cheap price to sell (proceeds to rescue) and no one bought any. Any suggestions for this year? I may get some bark bars, or maybe some bandannas. People like those.

Danny is spending more time loose in the house which is nice. He just needs a toy to keep him occupied. He made the mistake this morning of jumping up on the bed right into Lucy, who quickly, well, attacked him, and he learned his lesson. She's a bad dog, I tell you!

Mr Chips doesn't seem to trust/like Danny. He sort of hides out when he's loose. Also, Mr. Chips is not eating his canned food in the morning, I don't know why, but this is day # 3. I may bring him to the vet soon, if that doesn't rectify itself.

I am planning to get a friend for Lucy (the Parakeet). Wish me luck on Ricky # 2 being accepted by Lucy # 2. She's bored, and eating a lot.

Well, that's it for now.

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